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Mission: FCA – Free Carrier (Carrier delivery conditions)
d-5 1600 OSN, Shinjang-dong, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyunggi-do

K-55, OSN, RKSO. They’re all names for one place.
Osan Air Force Base.

It’s the main base of the American 7th Air Force based in pacific, and the main link between America and Korea.

Not only the US Air Force, but even the US Government Organizations and Intelligence Agencies all come through the Osan Air Force Base into Korea. Including the Air Force One, the President’s private airplane, lands on the Osan Base escorted by the 7th Air Force. The Osan base is a domain ruled by a lord who is loyal to the US Secretary of the Air Force.

The lord ruling over the base now is Lieutenant General Kyle Johnson of the 7th Air Force.

There are only two areas where inspections are stricter than the Civilian Control Line.

The main doors of the Blue House, and the K-55 Doolittle gate.

If one is not currently part of the US military, they need to park at the gate parking lot, scan their identification card, talk with whoever they need to meet, and go through the full body scanner to step foot into the base.

Obviously, it’s a different story if the person they’re meeting is Commander Kyle Johnson.

Han GyuHo is that different story.

As soon as he parked the car, a soldier of the First Sergeant rank came and gave salute.

“Are you Chief Han GyuHo? It’s Sergeant Anthony from HQ. I’ll take you in.”

After giving a quick nod to the African-American Sergeant who greeted him with natural Korean, Han GyuHo got into the sedan.

Escorted by a Sergeant from HQ, in the Commander’s vehicle, there was no need to show ID or go through a full body scan. All you need to do is sit in the back seat.

Han GyuHo, sitting in the comfortable back seat, took out his cigarettes and lit it alight.

Nobody spoke a word. Not the soldier in the driver’s seat, nor the Sergeant in shotgun.

Sergeant Anthony received his orders 20 minutes ago. To go to doolittle gate and escort a man named Han GyuHo.

Its one of two things when HQ escorts a Korean. Either a VIP of Secretary status or part of the intelligence agency.

Either way, it didn’t matter to Sergeant Anthony.

He is a machine. Everyone in HQ is a machine that cannot hear with their ears, cannot see with their eyes, and cannot say with their mouths. The orders to escort the man in the back is because there is a reason to.

Han GyuHo smoking in the back seat of the Commander’s car had nothing to do with him.

Once past the gate, the car came to a smooth stop in front of a building without delay.

When he got out of the car, Sergeant Anthony left, and a Lieutenant Colonel came to greet him.

As he entered the building into the B3 bunker four people received Han GyuHo.

He quickly scanned the enclosed area.

One ventilation duct. Door behind his back. A table in the middle, atop it a projector, and the connected laptop – a secured version made for intelligence agencies.

On his left, an asian who looked to be Korean, early 30s. 175cm, thin build, approximately 65kg? NIS?

On the right, one White American, one African-American. Suited white male, 183cm 100kg? Could’ve been muscular in the past, but has some weight now. Left handed. Pistol on his right hip? CIA? NSA? DIA? It was certain the white male was this mission’s customer.

Black male, 190cm, 100kg. Muscular. Left shoulder slightly raised. Hobby is golfing? Currently in the US Military? Rank is Brigadier General. Part of the 7th Air Force? He’s in this room so probably Air Force HQ or DOD. Seems to be here because of the mission with the CIA. Would he know Korean?

In the short time Han GyuHo was scanning them, they too were scanning Han GyuHo.

180cm, 90kg? Muscular, non-prescription glasses, didn’t wash hair. Adidas joggers. That sort.

As Han GyuHo sat down, the man who looked to be Korean started talking.

“How are you Chief Han. Can we talk in English from now?”

Once Han GyuHo nodded, the man picked up the remote and went on in English after turning off the lights.

“How is everyone? I’m Agent Kim who is in charge of communications on behalf of Korea. I’ll start the mission briefings.”

The agent who introduced himself as Kim turned to the screen and quickly continued.

“The mission starts 103.5 hours from now. You can check the detailed time tables in the included documents…”

The Korean started spewing out words as though he had practiced in advance. When everyone was looking at the screen, Han GyuHo lifted his hand to cut off the briefing.

“Wait. Wait.”

Agent Kim was flustered. And the words out of Han GyuHo’s mouth made him even more flustered.

“I don’t remember saying I’d do this?”

Han GyuHo said with an annoyed voice.


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