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Mission: FCA – Free Carrier (Carrier delivery conditions)
d-5 1645 OSN, Sinjang-dong, Pyeontaek-si, Gyeongi-do


Agent Kim GyuTaek of the NIS was excited. This was his first time working with the US.

Following his short-lived excitement of joining the NIS, he was going mad from the education and training that went on for a year. He was only given small-time chores for 3 years. He didn’t have to do coffee errands, but it was enough to make him question whether he joined the NIS or joined a gang from having to fulfill orders as if he was a machine.

If ordered, he follows. He didn’t know — couldn’t know — what the reasons or results were. If he was ordered to carry a bag, he carried the bag, if he was told to wait in the car, he had to wait in the car even if he had to piss in a bottle. Boarded a plane when told to board a plane, and returned home if told to return.

He wasn’t even part of a machine. Nothing more than a bolt or a nut, no more, no less.

But finally, he had the chance to learn the interesting aspects of being an agent. Information gathering.

The first time he could be part of a mission briefing was 3 years ago after being promoted to 6th class. (TLN: Korean government workers are classified from 9th to 1st. 1st is highest). He had a small role in part of an operation against North Korea. He learned what his assignments were for.

His luck didn’t end there. When he came back to Korea after the mission, he was assigned to the External Affairs Department. The External Affairs Department is the toll gate of the highway of promotion. (TLN: korean word for promotion highway aka super fast promotion). It wasn’t as entertaining as working in in the field, but there was no better place to gather information.

And today, this was the first gathering of cooperation with America, with the CIA. If he grasped this opportunity and accomplished in making strong ties with the CIA, he was sure to make Section Chief. Even the title of Director comes into reach.

Let the idiots that say ‘field agents’ are the flowers of NIS roll around in the field. I’ll be the one controlling them from above. That’s what he decided.

That’s why he had to succeed with this opportunity. I’ll take lead of this operation and take the credit. 5th class was just before him. That’s what he thought.

but this Independent Agent. This agent cut him off.

Independent Agent. IA for short.

The lowly mercenary that does the jobs deemed to lowly or dirty for Intelligence Agencies. If agencies are the primary contractor, independent agents are the subcontractors. That subcontractor just cut me off?

He had heard there were some rather gifted parasites out of the independent agents.

Even so. Could an individual compete and win against a nation? Not possible. The IA were dogs to be used on the whim of agencies. Just a hunting dog. The only reason why they weren’t boiled and eaten was because they’re needed for the next hunt, nothing more.

Han GyuHo is one of the IAs.

It was the first time of hearing his name, and his profile wasn’t deemed important enough to be given to me. He was chosen by the NIA to take care of the mission requested by the US government. Just a hunting dog chosen by the NIA. But the dog was spewing nonsense. ‘Didn’t say I’d do it’?

Mad dogs deserved to be beaten. Moreover, it’s a hunt with important guests. The first hunt with my advancement on the line.

I needed to take care of this situation quickly.  Instill a fear of the primary contractor to the subcontractor, a fear of the hunter to the hunting dog.

That’s what Kim GyuTaek was thinking.

“What? What nonsense!”

While Kim GyuTaek was thinking of ways to look impressive while scolding him, the hunting dog dared open his mouth to cut him off.

“Wait, wait, wait. Who are you under? Who’s above you?”

Kim GyuTaek was surprised. Surprised enough to wonder if he’s ever been this surprised before.

After he became an agent, nobody spoke down to him. No, They couldn’t.

But this lowly IA, the lowly dog cut him off. He didn’t just cut him off, he talked down to him. (TLN: ‘talked down’, Korean honorifics; people have to talk with honorifics to those of higher position or older age)

Kim GyuTaek felt confusion before his anger.

“What? What did this crazy…”

Kim GyuTaek couldn’t finish his sentence from the confusion and rage.

Han GyuHo sighed to himself. They sent a newbie. (TLN: Korean idiom of ‘clot of blood’ aka new born and ‘blood on his head not even dried yet’ etc was used here) He leaned back in his chair and folded his arms. This job is really annoying.

“Who’s above you. Don’t annoy me anymore. Hurry up and say it.”

Han GyuHo asked as if he was asking a middle-school-er ‘where’s your school’ who just got caught stealing.

“Han GyuHo!!”

Kim GyuTaek shouted with rage.

“Han GyuHo? He’s nuts. Can’t do this anymore.”

Han GyuHo got up shaking his head.

This job was annoying him from the start, and he thought it was just as well. If he said ‘I can’t do it because the NIS agent is a retard’ what could they do?

“Could you please excuse me?”

The white male watching the situation said with fluent Korean.

The voice was like something out of a Christmas movie from the 60’s. Han GyuHo who was getting up from his chair, Kim GyuTaek who was flushed red from rage, and the Brigadier General who hasn’t spoken a word from the start all looked at the white male.

“Hmm… Would it be ok if I tidy up this situation? First, it would be best if Agent Kim would step out for a moment.”

The white male made a pleasant smile and courteously asked Kim GyuTaek to leave.

Embarrassment flashed across Kim GyuTaek face. I need to decline. This is my stage to shine.

“Ah… I’m here to represent Korea… It’s hard to leave… The Korean-American intelligence… the…”

The white male made a quiet sigh seeing Kim GyuTaek sutter out a refusal and nodded as he took out his phone. And looking at Han GyuHo, he said softly.

“Mister Han, would you allow me 5 minutes?”

Han GyuHo who made up his mind to leave this room felt curiosity at this fast-changing situation.

He wondered how that soft-voiced white male would take care of this situation. Above all, a strong conviction that this was going to screw Kim GyuTaek over, he sat back down.

The white male shrugged his shoulders to the black male and called.

“A problem arose. Tell the Koreans we will take care of the mission first and cooperate with them after.”

Then he shrugged at Han GyuHo and sat down. As if telling him to wait.

Less than 3 minutes after the man finished his call, Kim GyuTaek phone rang. Kim GyuTaek answered the call with two hands and said ‘yes’ a few times before he made a tearful expression.

“Agent Kim. Thank you for your cooperation. We will discuss the compensation for the cooperation at a later time. We thank you for your hard work. Good bye.”

The white male threw out a soft baritone punch. (TLN: punch refers to the remark). He extended his hand with a smile. Kim GyuTaek shook his hand with a half surprised, half indignant face and walked out.

He should’ve shaken the white man’s hand with a smile. He should’ve said thank you. That was the best option Kim GyuTaek had in that situation, but he was surprised, angry, and flustered and ended up throwing away the last of his cards. He left a stupid first impression and left.

He was the main culprit who screwed over Kim GyuTaek, but Han GyuHo was more annoyed at the white male’s actions.

Him taking care of the situation was annoying, as was his soft voice and smiling face. So he decided to provoke him.

Once Kim GyuTaek left, Han GyuHo took out a cigarette and lit it. Without asking for permission.

Han GyuHo took a deep breath of smoke in and breathed it out above his head. The smoke danced with the light from the projector and swirled on up.

The white man smile and said to the black Brigadier General.

The Brigadier General was displeased.

He hasn’t seen someone this disrespectful in front of him recently. But he was wiser than Kim GyuTaek. That wisdom was probably what pulled him up to the rank of Brigadier General. He said with a slight smile.

“I’ve quit smoking recently. Instead, I’ll bask in the fragrance next to you two gentlemen.”

It was a lie.

He’s never smoked after entering the US Air Force in Colorado Springs.

After the two men enjoyed their smokes, and one man patiently waited 3 minutes, the white man spoke.

“I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Logan. The CIA’s Vice Director of Operations in North-East Asia. The gentleman next to me is Brigadier General Allen Blackman from the US Department of State. As General Blackman cannot speak Korean, would it be ok if we proceed in English?”

“TaeChung Trading Company’s Han GyuHo.”

Han GyuHo answered in English.

The CIA’s Vice Director of Operations in North-East Asia is in charge of Korea and Japan. Since the Director is in charge of China, this man was the highest in command for Korea. This person is going to do the briefing himself? They sent a newbie NIS agent here?

Either there was a mistake, or a conspiracy to screw him over. Either way, Kim GyuTaek was done. Thought Han GyuHo.

“As you already know, there is procedures in there types of things, so we had no choice but to cooperate with Korea. If it was discourteous, I offer my deepest apologies. For a start, you’ve said that you haven’t decided whether to take on this mission or not. Would it be ok if I ask for the reason?”

Submissive. An extremely submissive attitude.

If the person in that high of a position is this polite, it means the job is going to be hell.

“I’ve only been told to go to Osan. I was going to decide after hearing the specifics.”

“I see. There must have been a mistake in procedures. I apologize.”

“Well, let’s hear the story. What do you need me to do?”

“To put it simply, we need you to rescue one of our people.”


He already heard the time. 104 hours until the mission. 4 days and a few hours.

“The area is near the border of Ethiopia and Somalia. In detail, its inside the Al-Shabaab territory in Somalia.”

Vice Director Logan grabbed the pointer in Kim GyuTaek’s stead.

I thought this was a shitty job but it turns out its a fxxing shitty job.



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