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Mission: FCA – Free Carrier (Carrier delivery conditions)
d-4 0130 31.708481, 125.891187 East China Sea

“One Thirty.”

Waking from his slumber, Han GyuHo stretched his limbs.

After Han GyuHo heard the briefing, said he would do the mission, shook hands, said his thanks, and as soon as he left the bunker, there was an airplane waiting for him.

The Americans were always like this.

They prepare in advance, and proceed right away.

They’re sure of their procedures. They have enough money. They don’t think twice about running one or two airplanes.

As soon as he got on the already running Gulfstream G650, the plane took off.

Is it Logan’s private airplane? Doesn’t matter.

Once on the sofa, he opened the bar next to the seat. There were a variety of fine single-malts lined up.

“Tsk. Yankees.”

I’ve been on the Gulfstream a few times, but it’s always the same. There were always expensive whiskies in stock as if it was written in the Federal Aviation Law.

The mission went like this.

The CIA agent that was working as a local broker as a member of the Doctors Without Borders had been kidnapped by Al Shabab.

The Al Shabab probably kidnapped the hostage for a multitude of reasons.

They can ask for money, or use him politically. They could cut his head if they want and tie him to a car and clean the streets with his intestines.

If they post a video online, the ones crazy as Al Shabab share it all across the web. Even the Taliban whom are regarded to be one of the craziest extremists shake their head to Al Shabab.

If it was a Doctors Without Borders worker that was kidnapped the CIA doesn’t need to get involved. Even though the US Federal Government’s policy is to save an American citizen no matter the cost, they won’t really do that, nor is there a reason for the CIA to get involved.

Even if the CIA did act on it, the mission wouldn’t come to Han GyuHo.

The compensation for this mission is at least 1 million dollars. As soon as Han GyuHo said he would take the mission, 500,000 dollars were deposited into his Bank of America account. When the mission is finished, the other 500,000 dollars comes in and he can request additional fees.

But the CIA paying 1 million to rescue a Doctors Without Borders worker?

It’s a CIA agent. Not a regular field agent, but an agent that is responsible for important work in the CIA.

The CIA’s request is simple. To rescue him. Within the request, it means to check whether he is alive or dead, and if he is dead, verify if the Al Shabab recognized him to be CIA or not.

And to take care of this, Han Gyuho, an independent agent was selected.

Han GyuHo is currently the only person with the ability to go in solo into Somalia and rescue a person from a fortified base.

“Is he just another agent?”

“We cannot tell you about his affiliation.”

“Then I can’t do this job.”

“We can’t tell you right now. Once you’re on the plane, you’ll be able to know all the various matters regarding the mission.”

“One million seems too little for this. Isn’t it common sense that the price goes up when the information is limited?”

“You’ll be able to negotiate after completing the mission. We know that we’re the ‘을’ in the Korean relationship of ‘갑을’.” (TLN: 갑을 refers to positions in society/relationships. Basically 갑 > 을)

 The more polite Logan was the more it weighed on my mind. It meant the job was difficult.

1 million dollars is a lot, but to Han GyuHo it wasn’t that attractive an amount. Even so, Han GyuHo decided to take the job. He wanted the CIA to be indebted.

After accepting the mission, waking up on the plane and stretching my limbs did I see the white female sitting in front of me.

“Mr. Han, did you wake up? Would you like me to prepare your meal?”

170cm, brown hair, dyed? No, seems natural. Blue eyes, eastern accent.

Logan’s secretary? The body was much too toned to be a flight attendant of the private airplane. To be fair, what nut would hire a flight attendant on the CIA’s Vice Management of the North East Pacific’s private airplane?

“Do you have cup noodles?”

I said as a joke. Probably only sandwiches.

“Which cup noodle would you like?”

Han GyuHo was at a loss for words.

Having expected a ‘Sorry, we didn’t prepare those.’ as the reply, and expecting to say ‘then anything will do’ with a brisk smile, caught me off guard. Is the gulf stream having a change of pace?

“Vice Director Logan likes Korean food from being stationed in Korea for quite some time. So, we always have a selection of cup noodles.”

She said with a brisk smile as if amused by the flustered Han GyuHo.

The CIA is terrifying.

“Then any one of them is fine. Ah, and if you have something else, that too. I want to have a hearty meal.”

“Ok. You can call me Tracy. I will tend to your needs on this flight.”

The CIA was terrifying. The cup noodles in stock I could understand because Logan likes them.

Even so, the unflustered reply felt as though she expected my question from a series of scenarios.

They use someone like her as a secretary? Should I apply for a job with the CIA? Ask for her as my secretary? They’ll probably say yes. They’ll say yes even if I gouge them for a large down payment and request the Las Vegas Wynn Hotel’s Penthouse as my lodging.

As Han GyuHo was thinking, Tracy brought ramen and food on a tray.

“We didn’t have rice prepared. Please take the tuna sandwich and chicken salad instead.”

How she placed the tray looked like an airline attendant. Even though she looks like a flight attendant, she would snap a person’s neck like a twig when needed.

Han GyuHo said thanks and grasped the chopsticks. Now that he thought about it, he didn’t have anything besides the soup in the morning.

Eat while you can. That was his rule.

The cup noodles, two sandwiches, the salad, and when that wasn’t enough, oreos dipped in milk was the end of his midnight meal.

Tracy waited for him to finish his cigarette to talk to him.

“Here’s the documents. If you hand them back after reading, we will destroy the documents.”

She handed over the files from the briefcase. In the files were the dates, mission details, and current situation in the location.

In 4 hours there was a quick refueling stop at Kuwait, and in another 6 hours we would land in Northern Italy’s Vicenza.

Vicenza. The city that houses the U. S. Army’s headquarters.

There I receive my equipment, and HALO (High altitude-low opening) at the operation site. On standby for 20 hours after entering the site. Rescue the hostage, travel to the pickup area 10km away and escape by helicopter.

The mission was run by the CIA, and Han GyuHo was to be seen as a CIA special agent.

The help of the Korean Ministry of Defense for Han GyuHo is to be from all of the military land, sea, and air, and the help is to be recorded as training.

No record of Han GyuHo is to be left.

The operations area is Al Shabaab’s new supply base located 10 km NNW from Borama, the capital city of Somaliland.

It was a newly captured area by the Al Shabaab which initially controlled the southern part of Somalia with the cooperation of the Islamist radicals from Kenya.

The Somaliland Government went in for a military suppression with the militia, but no longer had the power to deal with it after their defeat.

The base I needed to break into was at the location of a fortress that was used until 100-ish years ago.

It was a base created by digging into the rock face of a cliff, and is being watched 24 hours by satellite for this mission.

From the satellite images, it was confirmed the hostage is being kept in an external building and not within the fortress.

If they knew the hostage was CIA, they would’ve kept him somewhere deeper. Or cut his throat. Han GyuHo judged that the hostage is likely to be alive.

The stationed forces were about 200 in number, and the report noted that the south may have sent elites.

Han GyuHo had experience in combat against the African militia about five or six times. They had low stamina, and the poorly trained militia wasn’t much of a threat.

But to make up for that, they were jacked up on meth just before the point of mortality that was the scary part. Their zombie-like charge ignoring the NATO standard 5.56mm rounds was well known through the famous Black Hawk Down.

The drugs added to islamist radicals made them basically berserker warriors. Marx said that religion was the opium of the people, and when Han GyuHo thought of the islamist radicals, it made him want to give Marx a thumbs up.

On the last page was a list of the provided equipment. Han GyuHo let out a sigh upon seeing the list. Too much. If it was like this, he would be caught from his footsteps.

“Is there an equipment in particular that you’re looking for?”

Tracy asked.

“I don’t have anything i prefer but… One pistol with a silencer. I don’t need any other weapon besides that. Don’t need the emergency food, nor this, let’s just take out everything except the essentials.”

“Don’t you need to prepare for emergencies?”

Tracy asked in surprise.

Going in with just the essentials against radicals drunk on meth and Koran having to rescue a person that can barely walk?

Tracy thought this mission was impossible.

She participated in a lot of missions after joining the CIA.

This mission was impossible.

In the case of Osama Bin Laden’s assassination mission ‘Neptune Spear’ was barely a success with 25 members of DEVGRU(Naval Special Warfare Development Group : U. S. Navy’s Special forces), two Pave Hawks with stealth, and two Chinooks.

The difficulty of rescue missions are higher than assassination missions.

Compared to Somalia, Pakistan is a major city. With internet. It meant real-time information was available.

In contrast, we’re reliant on satellite imagery. He needs to get onto a helicopter among 200 enemies with a hostage that can’t walk after traveling 10 km. Was this even possible?

Han GyuHo was a bit annoyed.

Do I need to explain? Make her understand?

“If there’s something I need to get approved from you, tell me know.”

Tracy realized her fault.

“I apologized. I was presumptions. I’ll make preparations as you request.”

“Oh, and I’m saying this just in case, and you already know but once I’m in the mission there can’t be UAVs above my head.”

“Yes. We already included that to the missions file.”

Han GyuHo felt good. He got her back.

He handed over the file with a serious face. The details were already in his head. Let’s sleep. 1 million dollars, about 120,000,000 KRW seemed appropriate for this mission.

He slowly fell into slumber.

“Oh, and what are you going to name the mission?”

Han GyuHo was annoyed from being woken just as he was about to go to sleep. Why is it so hard to get some sleep today…

“Mmm… FCA is good.”


“Free Carrier (Carrier delivery conditions), don’t you know about incoterms?”

“Ah… Carrier delivery conditions…”

It is the conditions under which the exporting company moves the export goods to the port.

In short, the name meant TaeChung Trading Company’s 4th import export team’s section chief Han GyuHo will carry his export goods, the hostage, to the designated area.

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