Gifted 003 WIP

Work in progress. Just doing a little bit during breaks before final exams. 

1/3 done. will update later when i have time.

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Mission: FCA – Free Carrier (Carrier delivery conditions)
d-4 0130 31.708481, 125.891187 East China Sea

“One Thirty.”

Waking from his slumber, Han GyuHo stretched his limbs.

After Han GyuHo heard the briefing, said he would do the mission, shook hands, said his thanks, and as soon as he left the bunker, there was an airplane waiting for him.

The Americans were always like this.

They prepare in advance, and proceed right away.

They’re sure of their procedures. They have enough money. They don’t think twice about running one or two airplanes.

As soon as he got on the already running Gulfstream G650, the plane took off.

Is it Logan’s private airplane? Doesn’t matter.

Once on the sofa, he opened the bar next to the seat. There were a variety of fine single-malts lined up.

“Tsk. Yankees.”

I’ve been on the Gulfstream a few times, but it’s always the same. There were always expensive whiskies in stock as if it was written in the Federal Aviation Law.

The mission went like this.

The CIA agent that was working as a local broker as a member of the Doctors Without Borders had been kidnapped by Al Shabab.

The Al Shabab probably kidnapped the hostage for a multitude of reasons.

They can ask for money, or use him politically. They could cut his head if they want and tie him to a car and clean the streets with his intestines.

If they post a video online, the ones crazy as Al Shabab share it all across the web. Even the Taliban whom are regarded to be one of the craziest extremists shake their head to Al Shabab.

If it was a Doctors Without Borders worker that was kidnapped the CIA doesn’t need to get involved. Even though the US Federal Government’s policy is to save an American citizen no matter the cost, they won’t really do that, nor is there a reason for the CIA to get involved.

Even if the CIA did act on it, the mission wouldn’t come to Han GyuHo.

The compensation for this mission is at least 1 million dollars. As soon as Han GyuHo said he would take the mission, 500,000 dollars were deposited into his Bank of America account. When the mission is finished, the other 500,000 dollars comes in and he can request additional fees.

But the CIA paying 1 million to rescue a Doctors Without Borders worker?

It’s a CIA agent. Not a regular field agent, but an agent that is responsible for important work in the CIA.

The CIA’s request is simple. To rescue him. Within the request, it means to check whether he is alive or dead, and if he is dead, verify if the Al Shabab recognized him to be CIA or not.

And to take care of this, Han Gyuho, an independent agent was selected.

Han GyuHo is currently the only person with the ability to go in solo into Somalia and rescue a person from a fortified base.

“Is he just another agent?”

“We cannot tell you about his affiliation.”

“Then I can’t do this job.”

“We can’t tell you right now. Once you’re on the plane, you’ll be able to know all the various matters regarding the mission.”

“One million seems too little for this. Isn’t it common sense that the price goes up when the information is limited?”

“You’ll be able to negotiate after completing the mission. We know that we’re the ‘을’ in the Korean relationship of ‘갑을’.” (TLN: 갑을 refers to positions in society/relationships. Basically 갑 > 을)


1/3 done. will update later when i have time.