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Mission: FCA – Free Carrier (Carrier delivery conditions)
d-day 2340
10.015499, 43.160656, North NorthEast Boorama, Somalia, Africa

Han Gyuho was peering through an infrared scope at an old fortress taken by the Al-Shabaab.

Taking his eyes off of the scope, Han GyuHo opened and put an energy bar into his mouth. Chewing on the special energy bar supplied to special forces, Han GyuHo was thinking of an infiltration route.

It was more barren than what he saw through satellite images. They’ve been logging the already barren mountain at the tip of the arid climate region so much that the curve was as smooth as a woman’s buttocks.

“Reminds me of North Korea.”

Eating the energy bar, 3000kcal in the size of the width of two fingers and equal to two days worth of metabolism of a woman, Han GyuHo though of the time he was running through a barren mountainside in North Korea.

“That was a hard time.”

It was hard to find cover on a barren mountain without any trees or grass. Han GyuHo shivered from the time he traversed 300km of the barren mountain while avoiding any roads or houses.

It was a time, a stupid time, when he did whatever they ordered him to without thinking.

It was 15 days in North Korea, but the job here would only take him one or two days so he decided to make the best of it.

“Good thoughts. Good bodily thoughts.”

After getting supplies at the U.S. Army’s Africa Command Center in Vicenza, he changed planes from the comfortable Gulfstream to the MC-130.

MC-130, called the combat talon. Han GyuHo rode the plane that gave him terrible memories and HALOed 10 km away from the destination. Unlike a regular descent, he had to maximize his free dive and opening the parachute at the minimum safe distance was the only way to safely arrive in the land of death full of religious fanatics.

Han GyuHo searched the fortress again through the scope. The Langley (CIA) guys left all the decisions in the field to me.

Han GyuHo decided to move according to his experiences.

H-Hour (Operation Hour) 0340. He decided to go in at dawn and come out before sunrise. To go in when security is at its weakest and come out with the sun behind his back.

Han GyuHo spread out his camouflage. Once he was inside the 1 person camouflage made by the US Military, nobody could notice him.

“Yankees are really good at making these sort of things.”

Han GyuHo muttered and climbed into the camouflage.

Mission: FCA – Free Carrier (Carrier delivery conditions)
d+1 (1 day after operation start) 0330
10.015499, 43.160656, North NorthEast Boorama, Somalia, Africa

10 Minutes before the start of operations, Han GyuHo woke from slumber.

Lying down, he slowly concentrated on his body. Increasing the blood flow, he woke the nerve tips of his hands and feet.

As a few minutes passed, Han GyuHo acquired total control of his body and slowly peeled back the camouflage.

The star filled night sky came into Han GyuHo’s eyes.

While there was no moon, the sky was so full of stars that he thought he might be found in he was unlucky.

Han GyuHo casually folded the camouflage, and placed a rock on top.

If it was any other mission he would have to erase any traces, but in this area, where the unofficial autonomous government and Al-Shabaab are fighting, there was no need to pay close attention.

“At least its convenient.”

Han GyuHo organized the space around him, took out an energy bar from his pocket and took a bite.

It was time to move.

Approximately 4km to the fortress. He needed to move fast.

As Han GyuHo finished his energy bar, he turned his body towards the fortress.

The path from where Han GyuHo took out his camouflage to the fortress were littered with small hills which were spread out like a fan.

Han GyuHo made use of the fan’s crease-like areas to stealth his movements.


An hour at a normal person’s walking pace. 12 minutes at a gold medalist marathon runner who runs at 20km/h is 4 km.

Han GyuHo finished 4km in 4 minutes. With 10kg of luggage.

In speed, 60km/h.

Perfect control of the body.

Perfect control of the body was the ability that only Han GyuHo had.